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Thank you for your commitment and contribution to the Zion Baptist Church. If you would like your gift to go for a specific ministry or project that is not listed below, please select "Other Giving" and enter the designation of where to direct your gift.

Giving of our finances is an act of sacred worship unto Christ Jesus our Lord and Savoir. Let us honor God with our finances and give in expectation of God’s constant provision in our lives.

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Contact Us:  If you have any questions concerning our online services, please contact Zion Baptist Church at 714 S. Lee Street, Alexandria VA 22134.


Each Sunday there is an opportunity to give during our worship services. Simply write you name, address, and donation amount on the offertory envelope, and place it in the offering tray during the service


You can mail your donation direct to:

Zion Baptist Church                                                                                                                          Attn: Donations                                                                                                                                   714 South Lee Street                                                                                                              Alexandria, Virginia 22314

When we are faithful to the Lord with our finances, we honor God as the owner of all things. We give in expectation of God’s constant provision in our lives. Below you will find a list of items that we as members of Zion Baptist Church can expect to celebrate in our giving efforts.

Tithe: We celebrate the tithe by giving 10% of our gross income unto the Lord’s house of ministry as patterned in the Holy Scriptures. This is done consistently, year round and each month.
Benevolence:  We are committed to assisting our members and giving towards meaningful initiatives both locally and globally. Occasionally we will receive offerings for those purposes.

Capital Improvement Fund: "Giving Back to God," 
our stewardship project,  prepares us to make necessary repairs and improvements on our facilities. We emphasize this offering throughout the year.